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QINGDAO KEY HIGHWAY TRADING CO., LTD is a professional candle making and trading company. We have our own candle factory which is located in Qingdao city. Our candle factory was founded in 2002. During the years from 2002 to 2009, our candle trading business was operated in our candle factory. 

Along with the rapid expansion of our candle business, as a step of making our work team be more focus, more professional, and more international in both candle making field and candle trading field, we established one our own trading company in 2010, which runs all the candle trading business for our candle factory.

And with the running of our own trading company, our candle factory runs just the candle making part of our candle business, and are more deep, more focus, and more revolutionary. In 2020, because of the restructurings of our enterprise group, we established QINGDAO KEY HIGHWAY TRADING CO., LTD and  use it instead of our own previous trading company.

We own our skilled candle making team, outstanding designer and developer team, and also international sales team. All your ideas and expectations on candles can be realized here. Most of our core members had already worked in candle field for many years before 2002 on which year our candle factory was founded. 

So now we have already had more than 20 years of experiences in candle field. Lots of candle experts emerge from here. Plenty of experiences and revolutionary progress from time to time in candle field set us onto the industry-leading position of the international candle field.

Choose us,is to choose rest assured!



Contact: Ford Lee

Phone: +86-18853239036

Tel: +86-532-55579839

Email: fordlee@toporiental.cn

Add: No. 63 Haier Road, 266061, QINGDAO, SHANDONG, CHINA

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